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The Wildly Inappropriate Poetry Of
Arthur Greenleaf Holmes

Cheers!  Welcome to the official site of me, Arthur Greenleaf Holmes, sixteenth century libertine and, until recently, annonymous poet.  Yes, the selfsame AGH who authored such scandalous verse as "I Built My Love A Menstrual Hut" and "Ode To An Extremely Provocative Knothole."  I should like to begin by thanking Nigel Bunshaft for discovering the cache of poems I'd hidden beneath my cottage.  It took four hundred years, but who's complaining?  A toast to you, Bunshaft!  May you die with your pants around your ankles.

Now, then.  Hmm?  What's that?  You wish to know more about me?  Well, you lucky, lucky bastards, I shall be only too happy to accommodate.  Enter these virtual walls, immerse  yourselves in the filthy tongue-bath that is my poetry, and help yourselves to whatever morphine I've got left.  But be warned: I am no feel-good, milquetoast of a poet.  If my words offend thee, then....
.....funny, I have no idea how to end this sentence!

Arthur is interviewed on the Privy Podcast!

Arthur's next dates:

Sterling Renaissance Festival, Sterling, NY.  Weekends July 5th-August 10th.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Shakopee, MN.  Weekends and Labor Day August 16th-September 28th.